We informed you yesterday that HTC plans on focusing more on Google Android devices, that will account for 50% of its portofolio by 2010. Will this affect Windows Mobile devices and Microsoft? Very likely!



Also, HTC plans on reaching a seemingly impossible 30% of its portofolio made out of Android devices in 2009, a move that’s pretty odd, considering how promising Windows Mobile 7 is looking right now. This rumour is also strange, if you consider the strong business relationship between HTC and Microsoft and the long history they have together.

In February we found out that HTC manufactured 80% of all 50 million WM phones sold till now, a very impressive figure for any handset maker. Who will Microsoft turn to? Samsung, who is also gearing up to be part of the Android pie? Motorola, who has already picked Android as its favorite smartphone platform?

LG could be the answer, since they have signed a deal with MS and committed to develop no less than 50 new Windows Mobile phones by the end of 2012. An in-house hit phone would also serve Microsoft’s purpose pretty well, but that remains to be seen.

[via Washington Post]

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