Slashgear got some quality time with HTC Touch HD and they’ve even made a video showing the device’s features, which you can check out below. There’s also a Q&A session you might want to read, but we’ll sum it for you, in a couple of lines, after the break:


So, we found out that the TouchFLO 3D home screen only shows 3 calendar appointments at most, unless you scroll down, because of the huge on-screen clock. A piece of bad news is that HTC Touch HD’s Opera browser can’t play BBC iPlayer or Hulu content, or any other streaming sites videos for that matter.

An app will solve this issue, while the Q&A also reveals that the handset only works on European frequencies right now and can’t support high speed Internet access for the US, nor does it support Visual Voicemail.

Also, HTC Touch HD doesn’t use a capacitive touchscreen, because of Windows Mobile and it lacks the TV-out feature, plus we found out that the clock menu from the homepage can’t be removed. Last, but not least, the Slashgear Q&A showed that the virtual QWERTY keypad is excellent, albeit less impressive than the one on the iPhone.

[via SlashGear]

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