We’ve heard about T-Mobile G2, as the first HSPA+ handset of the US carrier and now it seems that the phone will be launched on September 29th. TmoNews managed to score a couple of photos showing a device named Vanguard, that will also be launched on September 29th. Are these two one and the same?


G2 was referred to as Vanguard a couple of times in the past and we know that there was a G2 build spotted online these days, including a series of wallpapers with the title of “Vanguard”. The name “Vision” was also included, so it’s fair to say that this device is one and the same with Vanguard and T-Mobile G2.

Rumoured specs of the phone include a 1GHz processor, a 3.7 inch screen, a Touch Pro 2 style keyboard and stock Android 2.2.

[via phonedog]

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