The last time I heard about Apple, Android and “nuclear weapons” in the same sentence, Steve Jobs was willing to destroy Android by “going thermonuclear”, as he stated and was quoted in his biography. Now HTC CEO Peter Chou is saying that the latest Samsung and Apple phones can be regarded as nuclear weapons, that’s how good they are.


However, the same official mentioned that “a good solider will not fear battles” and compared his team with a strong army. Recently HTC broke the chain of consecutive quarters with profit increases, by dropping a bit in revenue. That’s probably because of the lack of innovation when launching handsets at the end of 2011. Just look at the single core Sensation XL, HTC Titan and HTC Rhyme and you’ll have your answer… HTC is still preparing for MWC 2012, where it will most likely unveil some appealing quad core phones, like the rumored Edge model.

At CES they only showed the HTC Titan II with what looks like an impressive 16 megapixel camera, but it’s not all in megapixels these days, so they must offer some other innovation soon, or they’ll be left behind. We’ve also yet to see a decent tablet from HTC, one that makes a splash like the ASUS models… And maybe they’ll stop brawling with Apple in court and really start innovating.

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