We already knew that i-mate was set to announce a couple of new handsets at Mobile World Congress 2009 and it turns out that one of them is the uber-rugged 810-F. This is practically the Highlander of handsets, with a lifetime guarantee and fully rubber sealed casing.



The new i-mate phone is water and shock proof and can withstand humidity, pressure and temperatures as cold as -10 degrees Celsius or as hot as 60. Of course, the device meets all necessary U.S. military standards, so it might go with you to the moon and back and still be able to send a text message.

Its specs are not to be neglected, as well, since i-mate 810-F packs a GPS, an accelerometer and 2.2 GB of internal memory. The smartphone runs Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional and supports HSDPA, WiFi, plus it comes with the Secure i-Q software that allows the user to completely lock the device and wipe personal data if it gets stolen. That will be done remotely via PC.

[Source: blogs.computerworld.com via wmpoweruser]

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