Twitter is of course our life saviour since we’ve just found out via @sanchomuzax and of course NNGlobal that iGo My way is available on the Apple AppStore. The Western Europe map version of the software can be found here, while the Americans will download their maps from here and the full Europe maps can be found here (these links will take you to iTunes).



If you download the full European map pack, you’ll have to pay $119.99, $79.99 for the US map pack and $89.99 for the Western Union ones. We remind you that we’ve talked about this version of iGo MyWay for the iPhone over here, showing you this test and the in car demo of the software.

iGo My way 2009 provides beautiful rendered maps and 3D graphics of famous landmarks and junctions, in order to help you reach your desired destination. The application can be updated for free, after you purchase it, keeping the maps of 40+ European countries up to date. The product comes with a lifetime license and free subscription to quarterly map update till December 2010.

If you miss a turn, iGo My way will recalculate your route and there’s even an economic way to travel and the “easy to follow” way, plus tons of alternatives. For more details on the software, click the image below and enlarge the picture you see afterwards.


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