Intel has big plans for 2012, including its debut on the smartphone and tablet market. They’ve recently allowed the folks of Technology Review to play with a prototype of a smartphone and a tablet based on the upcoming mobile chip from Intel, called Medfield. This CPU will be used to run Android and next year it will serve as an alternative for ARM solutions.


Intel intends to announce products based on this tech in the first half of 2012, according to the VP of the architecture segment inside the chip maker. Right now all we have are reference designs that give us an idea of what Intel technology will look and feel like in 2012 when they unveil new devices and chips at CES. Intel’s Medfield is the latest in the Atom series, a range of chips that haven’t taken much market from the ARM products so far.

The problem that this company always had was power consumption, but the new chip even solved that matter. How? Previous Atom iterations put to work two or three chips for one processor’s computing work, but now there’s only one piece of silicon doing all the work and using less power. Technology Review claims that the phone you see here looks like the iPhone 4, feels a lot lighter, runs Gingerbread and it was easily able to play Blu Ray quality video and stream the content to a TV immediately. Was browsing was also very fast, so the experience sounds very fluid so far… Let’s see it after a normal day of usage…

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