Famous hacker Chronic has found an interesting way to have your iPhone 4S unlocked with the aid of a bug. This is the GSM iPhone 4S for T-Mobile I’m talking about, that will be unlocked thanks to a bug in iOS 5.


No jailbreaking is required this time and a T-Mobile micro SIM is needed, as well as the AT&T SIM for the iPhone 4S. Chronic says that you need to insert the original carrier AT&T SIM card, then dial 611 for AT&T customer service hotline and then drop the call. After that you need to turn on the Airplane Mode, take out the AT&T SIM card and inser the T-Mobile SIM card.

WiFi has to be off afterwards and tap “Forget This Network” to avoid connecting to it again. The next step is to switch off the Airplane Mode and the iPhone will search for network. The Apple splash screen will appear and then Activation Require will be shown on the screen. EDGE network will be activated automatically and then you’ll have to wait around 20-30 seconds to turn off the handset.

You then turn on the iPhone and the Activation Required screen will be shown. Once one signal bar will be spotted, you will tap on Use Celullar Connection and eject the SIM card. Activation required screen will appear again so you insert the SIM card and you’re all unlocked now.

This is folks. Excited about it?

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