We’re hours away from WWDC 2011, that will give us the first preview on iOS 5. Till then we have found a nifty replacement for a preview, as shown in the video below. Magician and performance artist Simon Pierro is behind these nifty tricks, that show us an iPad with iOS 5 teleporting objects, teaching us to play tennis and more.

You can even spill a drink on some guy at the other end of a FaceTime conversation, according to the magician. iOS 5 now allows you to back up photos by turning them into real paper pictures. This funny video is a mere appetizer of what we’re getting tomorrow, but it’s sci-fi of course, since tomorrow will be more about notifications, UI changes and other such features.

Now, seeing an iPhone 5 or iPad 3 in this video would have really been MAGIC. WWDC 2011 will reveal more…

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