Another day, another iPhone 5 rumor… this is the world we live in. This time we have a spyshot on our hands, one coming from France. It appears that this sexy and slim device was caught “on tape” in the office of a French operator. In the meantime people have discovered that this is in fact a fake, but we’ve learned to never say never…


MacRumors forum member guigsh posted this picture, showing a supposed 7mm thick iPhone. The same forum member is claiming that he was allowed to see the handset for 2 minutes, with pictured forbidden of course. He goes on saying that the iPhone 4 feels really slow when compared to its follow-up. Strangely enough, this pic reminds me of the iPhone 5 knockoff in China, so that one might have been based on the real thing after all.

The front side doesn’t seem to be sporting any major revamp and I can see that the Home button is still there. The edges of the display are also present, so no edge to edge screen just yet… Is the iPhone 5 really a mere iPhone 4 with dual core CPU and slimmer case? It could be… but let’s wait for September.

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