As a response to yesterday’s Samsung Galaxy S III announcement, today LG unveiled the LG Optimus LTE2 model, the first handset with 2GB of RAM. You can see the phone in the picture below and as far as I can see, it sticks to the industrial design of the L series, with that squared format.


We’re dealing here with a phone that might actually have a better case than the Galaxy S III, since it uses glass and metal for its body, not plastic like the Samsung newcomer. LG Optimus LTE2 uses a TrueHD IPS display, that’s most likely a 720p display and the True naming comes from the standard RGB subpixel layout. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S III relies on a PenTile RGBG layout. Of course, the main appeal here is the 2GB of RAM you get on this LG phone, a first for mobile phones.

I wonder if we’ll really feel that extra GB, but having seen the HTC One X using easily 70% of its RAM, I tend to say we will… Other features worth mentioning for this phone are LTE, Android 4.0 and a 2,150 mAh battery. It also supports wireless induction charging and its camera can be operated by using the voice command. No info about the CPU on board, although Snapdragon S4 would be a safe choice. This model will debut sooner than you think, in mid-May, at least in Korea.

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