Sony was one of the most important adopters of the trend of waterproof phones, since many of their Xperias come with this feature and they’re also dust proof. Even Samsung jumped on board with the Galaxy S4 Active and now LG is waterproofing the Optimus G and calling it the Optimus GJ in a new version.


LG just announced the LG Optimus GJ, pictured in this article and its primary selling point is the fact that it’s a waterproof and dustproof device. Other than that the specs are the same as the ones of the LG Optimus G, or at least most of them are. There’s an all new glassless form factor this time around and the GJ is expected to take 30 minutes of dunking in up to 1 meter of water.

LG opted for a plastic battery cover that’s removable, unlike the glass surface on the back of the Optimus G. The product will go for $600 and we have no idea if it will come to other markets outside of Taiwan. Aside from the Optimus GJ, we’ve heard rumors about a LG Optimus GK unit with a 5 inch Full HD display and Snapdragon 600 CPU.