LG has just leaked a teaser picture for an upcoming Optimus series model, that might as well be the Nexus 3 handset we’ve been hearing about. Last time the new Google Nexus phone was in the news, it was supposed to be made either by HTC or LG.


This leak comes from an employee at the Indonesian branch of LG, so it’s as reliable as it gets. We have no other info aside from the picture, but according to speculations, Nexus 3 will be unveiled at Christmas time and it will be among the first quad core phones and also the first running Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

With HTC making the Nexus One, Samsung delivering the Nexus S, it’s now time for either LG or Motorola to give us the third model in the series, right? Let’s just hope for a device that sells better than the Nexus One…

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