The folks of 9to5Mac claim that they have a source saying that Microsoft will release two devices, as part of Project Pink in 2010, most likely at CES. It’s very likely that Microsoft will use the acquirement of the Danger company in order to release these products, that according to the rumours will be sourced by Sharp.


Sharp is Danger’s primary Hiptop ODM, generating very hot devices like Sidekick LX 2009. Just like Garmin-Asus, the new devices will be branded Microsoft-Sharp, while handset makers like HTC, Motorola and partly LG are turning towards Android and receiving less WM love.

The codenames of the two Microsoft phones could be “Turtle” and “Pure”, both devices being sliders, with the latter possible meant to reach Verizon. Windows Mobile 7 could be on board, meaning that the smartphones could look something like the chassis we’ve seen running the latest versions of the OS.

What do you say? Does this rumour have what it takes to become real?

[via Engadget Mobile]