While major phone manufacturers are racing to increase the megapixel count of cameraphones, we learn that recording 720p HD video on our phones will become a common feature on most handsets, towards the end of 2010.

Samsung are, as usual the first to enter this market, with Omnia HD and they should be among the first, since they have an impressing amount of great cameraphones and a great expertise when it comes to HD products.


Even the next-gen iPhone is rumoured to support video recording (natively) and even pack some video editing features, but HD might be too much to ask from Apple. They might have the hardware, but does the battery stand the heat?

LG, Nokia and Sony Ericsson could also join the HD side, in spite of the fact that they should be focusing on lower end products, in order to cope with the economic depression and public’s preference for cheaper device in these tough times.

[via intomobile]