The Moto X was teased early this month in a few US magazines, but we still had no idea when it was launching and what the price would be. Well, thanks to a leak from an US carrier now we do know when it’s coming.



US Cellular leaked a document showing that the smartphone will be available on August 26th, which is a bit late considering the amount of leaks we’ve seen recently. Of course, this carrier could be getting the phone a tad later compared to other players on the market. Last I heard, the Moto X was spotted in the hand of Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman and the phone looked a lot like the HTC One.

It’s still not clear if we should expect a high end flagship or a midrange model with top notch software. I’m willing to be Android 4.3 will be on board and I also expect a kevlar case, edge to edge display and huge battery. The CPU, camera and RAM may be disappointing to some, I feel…

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