After finding out Apple’s temporary solution for solving the iPhone 4’s antenna and signal issue, we can check out a comparison video between the latest Cupertino-made handset and Motorola Droid X. Here’s the video duel we were talking about:


It all starts with a software confrontation, as Droid X running Android 2.1 with MOTOBLUR goes head to head with iOS 4. However, Android 2.2 is coming to the new Droid, so it can easily take on Apple’s platform. As far as processors are concerned, both the iPhone and Droid X sport 1GHz CPUs and they’re equals once again in the RAM section, with both using 512MB.

A separation between the devices is made in the keyboard segment, as the iPhone 4 relies on a virtual keyboard, while the Motorola unit uses both a virtual keyboard and Swype technology. The latter allows the user to drag his finger on the screen, touching all the letters that make out a word, without lifting the finger. As far as storage is concerned, Droid X provides 8 GB of internal memory, plus much more via a microSD card, versus the iPhone 4’s 32GB internal memory.

The display confrontation is clearly won by Apple, thanks to the Retina Display, supporting that incredible 640 x 960 pixel resolution, in spite of the diagonal difference (3.5 inches on iPhone 4 versus 4.3 inches on Droid X). Moto’s new toy also impresses through its 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash, that takes on the iPhone 4’s 5MP unit with single LED flash.


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