We’ve heard about many software platforms going open source these days, but what about open hardware or mobile devices? The latter were approached by the folks of Aava Mobile, a company that unveiled the world’s first fully open mobile device at MWC 2010 today.


Aava Mobile creates reference designs for smartphone and tablet makers and we learn that their products can be tweaked by carriers and system manufacturers, thanks to their customizability (hardware and software-wise). The main design is based on the Intel Atom Moorestown platform and Aava Mobile claims that one of these devices measures 64mm x 125mm x 11.7mm, making it the thinnest x86 smartphone.

The same reference design supports Android OS or Moblin 2.1 and even MeeGo, once it goes live. Among the specs of the open device there’s 3D sound and interface, GSM support, GPS, WiFi, full HD video support, a touchscreen display and HD video conferencing.

[via slashgear]

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