Lenovo has a new device coming, one that has already been certified by the FCC under the codename A2016b31. The device is going to debut with a Moto branding, it would appear and we can’t help but think of a new Moto E.


Certification happened on July 12th and this device comes with FDD-LTE support, as well as GSM, Bluetooth and WiFi b/g/n. It’s a single SIM unit, with the labels mentioning Motorola Mobility LLC. If it has anything to do with the Moto E3, then the device will be priced below $150 and come with a 5 inch screen.

It should also get an international release, not only an US one. A September release has been talked about and obviously Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the OS of choice. We expect an 8 megapixel camera, a pretty big battery, microSD card slot and most likely some splash protection.

via blogofmobile

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