I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Motorola RIZR concept phone before its official release, while I was in Barcelona just a few hours before the start of the MWC 2023. I even filmed a short video demonstrating its unique expanding screen feature, which is reminiscent of the original RIZR sliding phone series launched by Motorola back in 2006.


Even though it is still a prototype, the phone feels stable and has a plethora of smart features such as its automatic screen expansion, providing more space for activities such as writing an email or watching a movie in landscape mode. It’s fascinating to see how technology has progressed so much in recent years, and this device seems to be a significant accomplishment in this direction.

Motorola RIZR concept phone 2023

In conclusion, I have observed that this phone has the potential to bring a wave of changes in the world of mobile phones. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing it on the market and trying it out in a real-world usage scenario.

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