Nokia India has launched an ad campaign focused on attacking the iPhone and praising Symbian. The move is quite strange, considering the iPhone 4 is arriving in India these days. Dubbed iDoalotmore, the campaign is present in newspapers and online, making us curios what Apple thinks of this.


Strangely enough, other than free turn by turn navigation via Nokia Maps there’s no major advantage on the Finnish phone side. Also, the N8 and C7 have a low resolution, when compared to the iPhone 4, a slower CPU and not exactly the best batteries in the world. Why criticize Apple if you don’t tell us what the strong points of Symbian are?

Right now in India Symbian still rules the smartphone segment, but that’s because the iPhone is too expensive. In the meantime, we also wonder why Nokia India is promoting an OS that’s living its last days on the market…

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