Nokia has just shown the world its plans for the future, as far as interaction with the users is concerned. In order to deliver its message, the company worked with talented students Kevin Cannon and Tobias Toft, attending classes at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction.

What you can see in the videos below is the way that Nokia mobiles will change in the next 2, to 4 years.

1. Mobile Playfulness from Kevin Cannon on Vimeo.

The 3 videos focus on 3 concepts: Playfulness, Staying Connected and People Centric, each with an interface to match. They were created thanks to research, interviews with 4 people and tons of brainstorming. You can see that the future of Nokia relies on human interaction via mobile, delivering feelings via technology and playfulness.

Also, notice the very user friendly contacts list in the last clip, perhaps too childish for some, bur certainly a twist of what social media is all about nowadays. What’s your favorite video among the three? Mine’s the second!

2. Staying Connected from Kevin Cannon on Vimeo.

3. Little World from Kevin Cannon on Vimeo.

[via Concept Phones]