If you have no idea what the onedotzero Nokia N900 installation is, be sure to watch the video below and be stunned by what a software solution can do, based on the smartphone’s accelerometer:

The creators of the installation detail the wonderful concept behind onedotzero, a special installation created by software architect Gary Birkett and Computational designer Karsten Schmidt. The two brilliant minds were brought together by the folks of Wieden + Kennedy and as you can see, the N900 is now able to control a huge projection, via the accelerometer, stunning all viewers.

All you need to know about this project is defined by Birkett in this phrase: “we are using a 3 inch display to try to control a 70 foot display”. Based on the N900’s accelerometer, the software uses an interface that takes movement data from the handset and sends it to the projection app, created by Schmidt.

The latter models his projection graphic around a sphere, thus using the handset’s data for directions, as far as turning, flicking or zooming are concerned.