Since last year brought us a duo of OnePlus phones, the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X, the same trend may continue this year, right? Well, the “X” models won’t get another iteration, but there appears to be one more such device brewing these days. Folks are calling it OnePlus 3T after a variety of leaks.


The newcomer has been certified in China, with the codename A3010 and it may end up being called the OnePlus 3S or the OnePlus 3 Plus. However, the name OnePlus 3T got traction when it appeared on the Weibo account of a OnePlus designer, where he made a post using the phone. There’s no other detail about the device, other than the certainty we’ll see an Optic AMOLED panel on board.

OnePlus cofounder Carl Pei has already confirmed that this type of panel will be available on future OnePlus phones. As you know, Samsung is making those special Optic AMOLED screens for OnePlus and OnePlus 3 is among the beneficiaries. Speculations also talk about a Snapdragon 821 CPU on board of the OnePlus 3T, 6 GB of RAM too and a metal body.

The Dash fast charge will be kept and we’ll maybe also get a screen upgrade to Quad HD instead of Full HD and perhaps a bigger battery.

via phoneradar