If you’re all about Fennec and Skyfire when it comes to mobile browsing, there’s a new option to take into account, Opera Mini 5 beta, that has just been released for Java phones. The browser is faster, more attractive and comes with several features usually found on the desktop version of Opera.



Tabbed browsing is also included, plus a password manager, the Speed Dial feature (grid of 9 thumbnail images), opening each page and allowing you to preset 9 favorites. Opera Mini 5 beta’s interface is optimized for many types of displays, both touchscreen and keypad phones.

The new version also allows the user to type directly into a text field, but too bad that the URL field and search bars are not joined together, like with the other famous browsers. Opera Mini’s navigation menu has also been upgraded, being moved to the top and becoming based on icons. Here’s a reviewer’s guide for the new software:

Features from previous browser versions were kept, stuff like viewing a page in desktop or mobile mode, shortcut keys, support for landscape view, select and copy text options and more. In order to download Opera Mini 5 and have a look at what people think about it, be sure to read here.

[via cnet]

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