After showing you the full review of the Nokia E7 handset, it’s time to have some more fun with the device and we did, by testing Opera Mobile 11 on it. The browser was released last week together with Opera Mini 6 and now it has arrived on our device. Keep in mind that if you access the Opera site, in the Nokia section you won’t find the E7, so we had to use the C7 version.


The browser brings a brand new UI, faster frame rates, sharp text during zooming, buttons that allow you to jump to the top or bottom of the page and more. You can switch between tabs with ease and their associated thumbnails will load in real time as you do the switch. Even YouTube works in this version of the browser, in spite of the fact that the Nokia E7 opens YouTube through a special feature it has on.

Opera Link will sync your preferences with the Opera you have on your PC or other phones, while the Opera Turbo feature will speed up loading time and decrease the consumption of data, keeping costs low. Sites load fast and I’d trade the standard Symbian^3 browser for Opera Mobile 11 any day. The virtual keyboard in the browser is also pretty good.  The Speed Dial menu will keep your favorite website close by, if you want to access them and the security features have been improved as well.

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