After yesterday, when we found out that Oppo is going to launch the Oppo N3 with a case made out of aluminium and lithium alloy, today, another teaser from the Oppo Malaysia Facebook page let us know that the users who want such a device will have the opportunity to choose between two different versions.


As you can see in the image above, beside the aluminium and lithium alloy case, Oppo N3 will be available in a stainless steel version too. In this way, Oppo will manage to launch two different devices for customers. While some of us will prefer a light phone, there’s also some people who want a device that offers a great resistance.

Even if most of the specs of this device remain unknown for the moment, we expect that the Oppo N3 to bring in the package a big screen similar to the one from Oppo N1, and a rotating camera. What do you think about this new device prepared by Oppo?