Oppo N3 is expected to be a new interesting smartphone from China, maybe a flagship even and we’ve been watching the progress of its leaks for a while now. It appears that today we’ve uncovered what looks like a teaser that hints at a metal build.


The Oppo N3 is expected to use aerospace grade aluminum for its case, while it’s also rumored to introduce a new cooling system for some reason. The combo of metal and a fresh cooling system leads me to believe there’s a monster CPU inside, maybe a brand new MediaTek or a Snapdragon 805. The Weibo account pictured here doesn’t reveal much else, aside from the tagline “Built for what may come”.

It would be nice to see a big company switching from aluminum to something else for a change. Maybe nickel steel, titanium or stainless steel? However, knowing Chinese companies like we do, they won’t do that, in order to keep the price low. The Oppo N1 had a rotating camera and this is its sequel. How will it amaze us this time?


via Weibo.com