Orange London is a handset name I haven’t heard before, but know that it stands for a brand new smarpthone that runs on a Intel CPU. This mystery phone uses a 4.03 inch display with Gorilla Glass protection and its looks and features remind me of the Lenovo K800 handset, with an Intel Medfield 1.6GHz CPU shown at CES 2012. This phone leaked online after the carrier Orange conducted some studies regarding future handsets, including this model.

The London phone also features a 1.6GHz Intel processor, 16GB of internal memory and an 8 megapixel camera with full HD camera. This fits the bill very much with the Lenovo device I mentioned earlier and this could be its rebranded version. However what we saw at CES 2012 was a mere prototype and I doubt that the smartphone is ready to be sold right now. This may still be a fictional phone, but I highly doubt that. There’s always the possibility that this is a Motorola model, since recently Moto announced its partnership with Intel and the use of its CPU.

One other feature that sounds interesting is the ability of the camera to take 10 shots per second and also the presence of an image stabilizer on it. What do you say: fake or real? I tend to believe it’s the Lenovo K800…

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