Philips is preparing a new handset, the V387 model, that gets detailed in the following lines. This is an updated version of a previous phone, that has the very long standby time as the selling point.


philips v387 1

Renders show us a rectangular body with rounded edges, a centered back camera with flash below it and narrow bezels. There are 3 capacitive buttons at the bottom and to be honest the UI looks a bit date here. This model has a special back texture, grippy and comfy and this device is supposed to be thinner and lighter than other big battery models from this company.

This model’s design resembles the I908 unit very much and we could get a dual SIM slot situation here. If you allow us to speculate one more time, than we’d say this unit packs an 8 megapixel camera, probably an octa core or quad core MediaTek processor and 1 GB of RAM or more. There should be 8 or 16 GB of storage available and a front 2 MP shooter.

philips v387 2


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