Apple Watch is one of those products available on the market that manages to bring a pretty exclusive feature even for a smartwatch. We’re talking about the sapphire glass protection applied on the touchscreen display found on this intelligent watch that is currently available in a couple of different variants.




From what we get to know today, it seems that Apple’s biggest provider for this material is a Russian company called Monocrystal, company that managed to grow the biggest sapphire crystal in the world with an overall weight of 300 pounds / 300 kg.


The preparation process took place by using a special method called kyropoulos, method based on a technology developed by Monocrystal. Using it, the development of big sapphire crystals is quicker and also more durable, as no cracks can be found in the final piece of crystal.

Is not excluded that this partnership between Apple and Monocrystal to extend in the future too, moment when we might see iPhones with sapphire glass protection too.


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