Samsung posted a teaser on this website over the weekend promising to unveil something big today… However, all they did was unveil a poorly done clip that a school boy could have done with his eyes closed. They show us some pretty pics of galaxies and then some sheep, a clear reference to the Apple fans, who have been called sheep before.


Hours before the unveiling we found out from Slashgear that they cracked the mystery, uncovering some directories on the website, but all they did is come across the image files associated to the letters that in anagram spell out The Next Galaxy. This also applies to the address of the website shown below as a Source link, the one that contained the countdown. Everyone was expecting to see at least a profile picture of the Galaxy S III or maybe its back or a corner…

The mystery remains and everything will be cleared on May 3rd in London, when Samsung has an event scheduled. This one will probably be an Unpacked event meant to unveil the new Galaxy S, maybe also a new tablet, according to rumors. The invite Sammy sent out and this clip seem to show us some spots of colour that look very bright and have a nice texture, a hint at the back case of the Galaxy S III, maybe? I still consider it’s stupid to impose prejudice and call fans of other brands sheep…

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