Sony Ericsson didn’t launch anything groundbreaking in 2010, but perhaps these two leaked devices pictured below might bring some sunshine to their side. We’re dealing with two Android handsets, one of them known as Shakira and the other simply a QWERTY slider.


Sony Ericsson Shakira fits right between the XPERIA X10 and the XPERIA Mini and it’s rumoured to hit the market this fall, as XPERIA 10 Mid. The QWERTY slider uses the form factor of the HTC Shift handset, an UMPC available on Rogers and supposedly packs a 5 inch display and runs Android 2.1. Is this a MID/tablet?

Back to SE Shakira, this device uses a HVGA display and maybe its name will also bring some music content and features to the device. Will the phone run Froyo when it launches, this Fall?

[via BGR]

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