Sony Ericsson continues teasing us in anticipation of CES 2012, this time with pictures of an upcoming Xperia handset. Yesterday, it was a mystery device under a cloth and some guys and gals around a tablet with a mystery smartphone… now we get some close ups with the design traits of the handset.


The pic above was posted by the company that makes the Xperia series on its Facebook page and we can see here a squared micro HDMI port, a HD camera and an Android icon. We have no idea what specs to expect or what device model this is, but what’s sure is that we’ll be seeing it come next week at CES 2012. Two phones are candidates to be the real identity of this device: either the 4.3 inch Nozomi aka LT26i, or the more powerful LT28at, a smartphone that’s supposed to have a bigger screen, LTE and HSPA.

Nozomi was leaked and rumored before and at some point we even had live pics and specs for this phone. Also known under the codename Xperia Arc HD, this unit is expected to be Sony Ericsson’s first 720p display handset and finally bring dual core into the Android World for Sony Ericsson. Either at CES or MWC we’ll be seeing a bunch more Xperia models, that’s for sure and I’m curios what form factors will be tackled this time…

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