Sprint has a special press event scheduled for today, meant to unveil what seems to be a dual screen phone. The Kyocera Echo is the handset we should be waiting for, according to the latest speculations. Know that magician David Blaine will be attending the launch, in case this matters to you.


Kyocera Echo has popped up before, at the FCC if we’re not mistaking and it should look like the Fujitsu concept handset pictured below. The device will run Android and support 3G connectivity, while lacking WiMAX compatibility, that would be great to take advantage on when using Sprint. This dual display handset will be able to support multitple tasks on the two screens and also dragging items from one screen to the other.

While this product can be a surprise to some, we’d like to be surprised by something else, if possible, since this is not promising at all.

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