As Android and OHA grow, so does the Symbian Foundation and since the Symbian Smartphone Show started a couple of days ago in London, it’s time for some fresh news. We found out that Symbian Foundation welcomed 12 new members, companies like ARM, CieNET, Flander, FUJISOFT, Huawei, Inmote, InnoPath Software, Red Bend, Scalado, Symsource, TRANGO Virtual Processors and Visa.


ARM announced ARM Profiler for Symbian OS, which enables mobile app developers to reduce power consumption and add enhanced features to their software. During the above-mentioned show, Symbian Analysis Workbench has been released for developers to use and it’ll improve their work plus reduce the time needed to optimise code.

Still in the area of Symbian news, two books for developers were announced: Multimedia on Symbian OS – Inside the Convergence Device, and Common Design Patterns for Symbian OS – The Foundations of Mobile Software. Last, but not least, during the Symbian Smartphone Show, the winners of the 2008 Student Essay Contest were announced and in case you’re interested, the theme was “the next wave of smartphone innovation”.

[via IntoMobile]

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