After the iPhone 4 was spotted in white on Vodafone UK and even purchased by mistake by a very lucky user, now the device pops us in T-Mobile flavor. The internal model is N94 and the leak is pictured below. This is a pretty logical move, considering that AT&T is planning on buying T-Mobile, so getting the newest iPhone in the bought carrier’s offer is a formality.

However, till the acquisition is approved, nothing is certain and we might actually see the T-Mobile iPhone 4 released in white and ready to rock on the operator’s 3G bands. Another theory is that Apple is testing its latest iPhone in the shell of the older model, although that’s very unlikely. If the iPhone 4 really hits T-Mobile, then we’re sure that the next generation of Apple handsets will reach all three major carriers at the same time.

Make that 4, with Sprint?

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