The iPhone seems to be going on the way of becoming an android, although this should have nothing to do with Google’s platform. People at apple20 carried on a conversation with their iPhone and got great honest answers form the device.


In fact, the entire matter is slightly related to Google, but still not with their open system. The iPhone uses one of the search engine’s application designed especially for this device, in order to search the web after receiving vocal commands.

Apple20 hurried up to test the feature and this is what their iPhone answered:
• Q: What took so long?
• A: Woodfield Mall
• Q: Why the delay?
• A: “I did it my way” (Frank Sinatra)
• Q: Did Steve Jobs hold you up?
• A: What’s Steve Jobs got up his sleeve?
• Q: Are Apple-Google relations strained?
• A: Look for good fortune on 8/8/08
• Q: What’s next for Google Mobile App?
• A: Utility vehicles, Mobile Alabama
Next, we suggest asking questions about which was first, the chicken or the egg and when will the end of the world come, after all. There are surely many people interested about this out there.


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