If you’re looking for top notch info on the telecom industry and the latest handsets, we’ve got a brand new “The Phones Show” episode for you, number 86 to be more precise. In this episode, available below, you’ll find out the latest news from the industry and some details about Nokia N86 and Samsung i8910 HD:


Also, this show includes the “Gotta have QWERTY” series, showing you the reasons for migrating from a numeric keypad to a QWERTY one. The Phones Show 86 includes a demo and commentary on the digital zoom of Nokia N86 8 megapixel cameraphone, a handset that disappointed us when it was introduced.

Finally, the show gives us the verdict on Samsung i8910 HD, a smartphone that gets judged as “the most powerful smartphone in the world”.

[via allaboutsymbian]

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