TubeSurround has demoed the Surround Sound Headphone System with 6 built in speakers and air & bone conduction at the E3 show. The headphone system is compatible with many types of mobile and gaming devices and 5.1 Home Entertainment Systems.


TubeSurround is the world’s only real surround-sound headphone system and comes with 6 built in speakers that go around your head and “ping pong” the sound from all directions into your cranium. GSMSurround TS 6.0 will make a great impact on the music and movie entertainment industry and it’ll deliver content in 5.1 surround.

Since most broadcasting corporations have started delivering such content, replacing the stereo 2.0 productions, products such as TS 6.0 TubeSurround Headphones will be useful as the entire industries shifts and evolves.


[Thanks Helle Moller]