It appears that Meizu’s next flagship will follow a more premium path, being made of glass and metal. The info comes from a Weibo post and this device is supposed to replace the cancelled Meizu MX4 Pro successor.


The showcasing of the new Meizu flagship will take place “sometime in the second half of this year”. The leak also claims that the newcomer would be priced at around 450 euros, a bit more premium than usual for Meizu, but still less than a Galaxy S6 flagship, iPhone or HTC model. Seeing how Nokia has been often associated with Meizu over the past months and leaks, the newcomer may use Finnish technology.

Of course, Nokia is bound by Microsoft till late 2016 to not launch devices, but their technologies can be licensed to third parties. The metal and glass thing wouldn’t exactly make Meizu stand out of the crowd, so they either need a solid camera, edge to edge screen, or revolutionary biometric technology.


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