VAIO is expected to become a pretty major Sony rival in the smartphone area, according to sources from the supply chain. If you ask me, right now VAIO doesn’t seem ready to tackle Sony or anyone else. Keep reading to learn why.



First of all, their very first handset seems destined to flop, because it’s a rebrand of something else and then the price is huge. You get midrange specs for over $400, which is a big no-no today. We’ll remind you that Sony sold its notebook section to JIP in 2014 and the new company also launched recently Z series notebooks, not only the VAIO smartphone shown above.

Quanta Computer is the make of these new devices and the future also holds VAIO tablets. VAIO is working with Japan Communications for the smartphone and intends to partner up with Japan’s B-Mobile carrier to sell the handset locally. In the meantime Sony managed to sell 41 million smartphones over the past fiscal year. A steep climb for VAIO…

via Digitimes

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