Luxury smartphone brand Vertu is now working with Splunk, for the sake of its operational data analysis services, in order to overhaul the Android software testing on its premium handsets. Vertu has been struggling to compete in the luxury phone business, but it started to upgrade the specs to higher levels over the past years.


Vertu relies on Splunk Enterprise to find errors in the deep layers of the software and even do third party app analysis. The Linux-based foundation on which Android is built is also analyzed here, as well as the Qualcomm driver software layer, so they’re really being thorough. After all, you are paying dozens of thousands of dollars for a phone and you can only expect a premium experience from it.


Till now tests were rather manual, as testers received the phone for a month and tried to iron out the bugs. Now there’s an agent built, that runs on the phone during the product development and collects data related to disk space, crashes, errors, battery health and more. The agent uploads the metrics to a web service and then Splunk gets the data and analyses it.

This means that the future will bring us superior Android phones from Vertu, that at least won’t crash, unless those pesky fake Android games manage to break the system.