I’m sure everybody is curious regarding the engineering put into the thinnest smartphone in the world right now, the Vivo X5 Max. This one is even thinner than 5 mm and today we get a teardown straight from China.



The device’s components are very well organized at the inside and as usual, the battery takes up the most space. The motherboard is merely 1.7 mm thick, with all of its components included, so that’s certainly impressive! The battery is a 2000 mAh unit, of course not impressive, but for such a waistline you have to make sacrifices. The top and bottom plastic lids snap right off and then off comes the metal cover from the camera area.


This is a dual SIM device, with the two slots crowded against the microSD slot on the side of the phone. The motherboard is L shaped and integrated all around the battery. Vivo even managed to get a 3.5 mm audio jack on board, in spite of the anorexic design. One of the standout points of this music phone is its audio chip, the ES9018K2M digital analog converter chip.

Amplification chips are also here, including a Yamaha digital surround signal processing chip. From what I see there’s no complaint about too much glue being used, so at least that’s a plus.



via gizchina.it

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