Meizu has a new strategy ready for a series of handsets, under the Blue Charm brand that we wrote about here. Apparently, they will release something that’s part of this strategy on December 23rd and they aim to compete with the iPhone 5c.


meizu leak 1

The new devices fit within the $161 price range and at least one of them will pack a camera with dual LED flash and some very nice looking packaging, as shown below. The phone has a rounded shape, a 5.5 inch diagonal and it will be available in a few color choices, including gray, white and beige. Word has it that even the Meizu logo will be changed for this product.

The Meizu Blue Charm Note is rumored to bring an octa core 64 bit MediaTek processor, 2 GB of RAM and the above mentioned display will offer a Full HD resolution. There will also be 16 GB of storage on board, Bluetooth, WiFi and a polycarbonate case. Sounds like a hit!

via mydrivers

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