We’ve got a bag of goodies for you, spotted on Mobile-rewiew.com and we’re talking about cool handsets, with all sorts of form factors and a bunch more devices. The information comes from the website of the International Forum of Industrial Design and the companies with new products are Vodafone, MITAC, LG, Qisda Corporation (former BenQ) and more.

On the list we found MioValinor, a car navigation device shown by MITAC and packing a 7 inch widescreen LCD display, with support for HD video, 3G and WiFi. The beautiful handset pictured above is Qisda QCM-330, a smartphone with a wide 4 inch LCD display with a 1:1.25 aspect ratio and a 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution, a 3 megapixel camera, 3.5G support, an accelerometer and WiFi.

Next up is LG GD880, a metallic phone that’s scratch resistant, packs GPS, a 5 megapixel camera and HD video support. Vodafone has goodies too, like the 2010 Vodafone Compass shown below, with a very cool and innovative design.

The device supports the Vodafone 360 social networking service, it uses widgets, player MP3s, browses the web and has a cool and usable keyboard. Next, there’s Vodafone 137 Sting, pictured below and developed in cooperation with German company studioMEM. Meant for stylish people, the phone will reach people with active lifestyles, so it’s suited to be attached to a bike or skate.

Its silicone housing and aluminium chassis protects it from impact, dust and scratches. Vodafone 360 Krystal is also fresh news and you can see it below, complete with two displays on each side, one of them using electronic ink technology and showing widgets. Vodafone 534 Shilpa is an elegant slider, that should have a low price and you should know that this is the successor to Vodafone 533.

The interesting Vodafone 545 Larry is next, pictured below and recently having received the FCC approval. The device provides access to Internet and e-mail, has an affordable price, a landscape oriented display, e-mail support and an ergonomic keyboard. The last phone pictured at the end of the article is Vodafone 737 Quincy, a candybar smartphone with a touch interface, a numeric keypad, radio, MP3 player and an email client.

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