After the unboxing we’ve shown you yesterday, it’s time to put HTC Sensation through some tests. We remind you that this is a dual core 1.2GHz smartphone, one that rivals Samsung Galaxy S II for the title of “the most powerful” smartphone on the market. Did it do well? Keep reading to find out.


We first took Sensation for a spin in Quadrant, where it got 1927 points, much less than Samsung Galaxy S II, that scored 3113 points. Back when this was a prototype known as HTC Pyramid, the handset supposedly scored between 1600 – 1800 points in Quadrant, being considered a disappointment for a dual core phone. 1927 is also a bit of a disappointment to be honest…

Moving on to the Browsermark benchmark, we put Sensation to the test only to be disappointed again, as it scored 34.536 points, less than the iPhone 4 and only a bit more than the Desire S and Nexus One. Well, either the test is flawed or we use a prototype unit, although the latter is unlikely… What do you make of these poor results?

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