As Palm launched the Pre 2 model with WebOS 2.0 on board, some skilled folks (PreCentral and WebOS Internals member Destinal) took apart the platform’s code and came across the name of 5 new Palm devices. They even seem to include a tablet, the “Mantaray”.


The other devices are “Roadrunner” (codename for Palm Pre 2), “Broadway” (supposed Pixi 2), “Windsor” and “Stingray”. The WebOS Internals expert dissected the SFR build of webOS 2.0, the company being the first carrier to offer Palm Pre 2. Stingray is supposed to be an all touch smartphone, while the others remain only speculations for now.

Let’s see what Palm and HP will spawn now, since the Pre 2 was considered a disappointment by some…

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