There are fresh reports on the interwebs saying that consumers in USA may only have to wait about 11 days to get their hands on a fresh Windows Phone 8 device. Rumor has it that on October 21st the devices will start shipping, which is actually quite close to the release of Windows 8 tablets on October 26th.


The Windows Phone 8 newcomers include the likes of Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X, plus the Samsung Ativ S and a bunch of midrange phones like the HTC 8S and Nokia Lumia 820. The general idea is that Microsoft is expected to kick off WP8 launches on October 29th, but it would be nice if they would do that earlier. Preordering is expected on AT&T, that will have the Lumia 920 exclusively, together with the HTC 8X and the Samsung Ativ Smart PC and ASUS Vivo Windows 8 tablets.

This will be a big turning point for both Nokia and Microsoft, all their future and expectations related to the telecom world are linked to Windows Phone 8. Samsung and HTC have Android to fall back one, but Nokia’s plan B is pretty much a mystery and quite unsure right now. Will they manage to score big sales, or at least decent ones?

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