KantarWorldPanel has a very interesting study regarding the European handset market and it turns out that the Windows Phone is actually taking a decent market share in Southern Europe. It’s pretty close to the iPhone levels, as it turns out and that all happens as the Nokia Lumia 920 is running out of stock in most countries.



In Italy, the Windows Phone market share reached as high as 11.8% in November, before the Nokia Lumia 920 was available, so imagine how high it is now. The iOS lead remains pretty small, as the platform has a share of 20.6% in Italy. The big threat here is not for iOS, but rather for Android, that has a bunch of midrange and low end handsets on par with Windows Phone models, that have actually become more appealing and easier to sell, with their price points and decent specs.

In Spain the Windows Phone share jumped from 0.4% to a pretty good 3%, while iOS is stuck at 4.4%. It’s important to notice that back in the days, the Statcounter figures for Android were also low and flat at first, but then it all skyrocketed to the level of today. In the US the iPhone is as popular as usual, but S40 is certainly getting some traction. In France iOS is declining and Windows Phone is growing, so it’s growth all over for Windows Phone.




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